Services Available

Personal Equipment or High Intensity Supplies

If a resident requires specialty type items to treat skin and wound care problems, then the cost of these supplies may be covered under a special fund, if the resident qualifies, through the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care called High Intensity Needs Funding. 

The aim of the High Intensity Needs Program is to provide funding which will support in-house treatment of residents, for treatments which were previously only performed in hospitals.  This funding allows the resident to remain in the home and helps to prevent unnecessary transfers and hospitalizations of our residents.


An escort is made available through the use of an external agency to take residents to special clinics or appointments when family is not able. This is a pay for use service, so the resident and/or family member is responsible to pay the fee associated with this service.

Transfer Services

When a resident needs to be taken to a scheduled clinic or doctor’s appointment outside of the home, non-ambulatory residents may require the use of an ambulance transfer service.  Toronto Ambulance is no longer able to support non-emergency transfers.  As a result, Copernicus Lodge staff will make the necessary arrangements for such transfers, however, the cost of this service is the sole responsibility of the resident/family member / Power of Attorney.

Other services are made available for both Long Term Care Residents and Apartment Tenants to enhance their quality of life, while promoting their health and social well being.

Those services include:

Health Care:

Chiropodist                               Mobility Aids

Dentist                                      Hearing Clinic

Denturist                                   Psychogeriatric Consultant

Eye Care                                  Physiotherapy


Personal Care:

Barber / Beauty Salon             Shoes

Escort                                      Personal Equipment/Supplies



General Services:

Pastoral/Chapel                         Auxiliary                

Volunteer Opportunities             Accounting / On Site Banking



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