Other Medical Services Available

The following are other services that are available to residents of Long Term Care:


A Registered physiotherapist, with two physical therapy assistants, is available 5 days per week to enhance the physical functioning of our residents. Through the use of specialized equipment, specific exercises and activities, our therapists and staff work to strengthen muscles, restore movement and functional in order for each resident to meet their highest level of independence possible. Our physiotherapist will assess and assist residents and their families as necessary to apply for specialized equipment through the Assistive Devices Program.


Dental Services:

Toronto Public Health Dental Team: conducts dental clinics approximately every 12 – 18 months to evaluate and assess the condition of resident’s teeth, gums and dentures. If further treatment is required, a referral is made to the Toronto Public Health Dentist. Any and all associated costs are the responsibility of the resident/ substitute decision maker.

Direct Dentistry™: is a full, on site mobile dental service which completes quarterly clinics to Copernicus Lodge. It can also provide emergency on-call visits. This provider is a contracted Fee for Use service and requires consent for treatment. The resident is responsible for any course of treatment and any and all costs are payable to Direct Dentistry directly by the resident.

Denture Services: contracted services for Denture Care are available through a referral process. There is no fee for the consultation. The resident is responsible for any course of treatment and any and all costs are payable to the denturist directly by the resident.


Hearing Aid Clinic:

Copernicus Lodge provides quarterly, on-site Hearing Aid Clinics. Urgent issues are referred to the Hearing Aid Clinic. On-site examinations of hearing aids are free of charge. Hearing Tests are arranged as required through the Hearing aid clinic. Any and all repairs, batteries, or purchase of new hearing aids are the responsibility of the resident/ substitute decision maker.


Eye Care Service:

An Ophthamologist and Optician visit the home approximately twice yearly to provide eye exams to Residents. An Eye examination is covered by OHIP on an annual basis. The resident/SDM is responsible for any and all additional costs – e.g. corrective lenses. This is discussed with each resident/substitute decision maker prior to any work being undertaken.


Advance Foot Care Nurse: All residents are assessed on admission and an ongoing basis to determine their foot care needs by Copernicus nursing staff. If a resident is assessed as having advanced foot care needs, the resident /substitute decision maker will be contacted to obtain consent for such assessment and treatment. Copernicus Lodge utilizes the contracted services of a visiting Advanced Foot Care Nurse. Visits occur approximately every 6-8 weeks. This is a Fee for Use Service with and all costs associated with this service are the responsibility of each individual resident/SDM. Residents /SDM always have choices around their care and are under no obligation to use this service.

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