Each suite is designed for comfort and safety, while maintaining your personal taste and style. All resident rooms are equipped with basic furnishings. A hospital bed (adjustable head and foot) is provided with adjustable bed rails (if required). A lounge chair and bedside table with lamp are also provided. In addition, speciality mattresses are available for residents who have been assessed as high risk for skin integrity problems.

We encourage residents and family to personalize their LTC room to create a ‘home-like’ environment. (ie: pictures, lamp, comforters, etc.) Additional furniture may be added after consulting with the Director of Care.

Memory boxes located outside each resident’s room entrance affords families and residents an opportunity to display keepsakes, photographs and mementos. These attractive pieces also make it easier for residents, particularly those with memory impairment, to identify their rooms.

All rooms are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer through a system of tempered air, while all common areas are air-conditioned. Each resident room has connections for telephone, internet and cable TV, however the resident is responsible to pay for the cost of these services.

All electrical appliances must be CSA approved. Electrical appliances such as stoves, heaters, microwaves, fridges are not allowed.

Call bells are located at the bedside and in the washroom.


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