Common Areas

The following is a list of common area rooms that are shared by residents and family. That are located on and off the unit.


Each Resident Home Area (RHA) Includes the Following:


Bathtub room                 Outdoor balconies                      Nursing station with meeting room

Shower room                  Nursing supply room                  Pantry

Activity room                   Resident storage room               Public washroom                                           

Janitor room                    Kitchen/server                           Dining room                                       



Each Resident Floor Includes the Following:


Laundry room (equipped with washer and dryer)

Pastoral quiet room

Treatment room


Other Common Areas Include:


Family dining room                        Hairdresser salon                 Main dining room (in apartment building)

Multipurpose room                        Tuck shop                           Family and Resident Council offices

Outdoor terraces (2)                      Family overnight room         Physiotherapy office    

Lounges                                       Chapel (2)                           Resident library

Staff library                                   Snoozelin room                   Volunteer area              



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