Thank you to the Family Council

The Family Council donated beautiful flowers for the enjoyment of our residents on our home area units, balconies and courtyards. Thank you to Mary Oko for organizing and to the Family Council for this donation. The flowers will surely brighten the days of our residents!


Earth Day Virtual Tree Planting Event on April 22

On April 22 we celebrated Earth Day by giving thanks to our planet and reiterating the need for environmental stewardship. We hosted a virtual tree planting event with our Leadership Team, the Unity Health Toronto Leadership team, Jerzy Nartowski, President of our Resident Council, and our local Councillor, Gord Perks.

Thank you to all who attended, especially to Councillor Perks for his attendance and his continued support of our home.


22 kwietnia obchodziliśmy Dzień Ziemi. W związku z tym chcieliśmy symbolicznie okazać szacunek dla wszelkich naturalnych  dóbr jakie nasza planeta nam dostarcza oraz przypomnieć jak ważne jest przestrzeganie ochrony środowiska przez nas wszystkich.

Zorganizowaliśmy wirtualne wydarzenie, podczas którego zostały  zasadzone drzewa  przy udziale zespołu kierowniczego Domu Kopernika  i przedstawicieli  Unity Health Toronto Leadership. Ponadto w wydarzeniu brał udział nasz rezydent- Jerzy Nartowski, który sprawuje rolę Przewodniczącego Rady Mieszkańców oraz nasz lokalnym radny- Gordon Perks.

Dziękujemy wszystkim obecnym, zwłaszcza Radnemu Gordonowi Perksowi za jego nieustające wsparcie dla naszego domu.


  zoom5  zoom620210422 131007ii Logo  20210422 131018ii Logo  20210422 131033ii Logo  20210422 131050ii Logo


Our resident celebrated her 103 birthday on March 21!

Valentina Scholl, resident at Copernicus Lodge, celebrated her 103 birthday on March 21! Her celebration included many cards, flowers and cake, and she was presented with plaques from her Member of Parliament, the Premier of Ontario, and the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario commemorating this very special occasion.


103vi Logo  103viii  103viiiii


 Community Donation


pussywillow       pussywillow1


Thank you to the "Szarotki" Troop from the Polish Scouting Association in Canada for your donation of pussywillows to help our residents celebrate Easter. We cannot express how much this gesture means to our residents at Copernicus Lodge. Following the Polish tradition, our Pastoral team members will ensure the bouquets of pussywillows are blessed before being distributed to residents.

Rasheeda Headley, our Programs and Services Manager and Monika Tadra, Activations Staff Member welcomed the donation of pussywillows with open arms in celebration of Palm Sunday.

Copernicus Lodge is aligned with the Association’s goals of promoting "a deep appreciation for our shared heritage, the Polish culture, history and traditions." As a community partner, we look forward to continuing our working relationship and supporting Copernicus residents. Your annual donations to Copernicus events have had added value to residents' recreational and leisure needs and preferences – and we thank you. Your ongoing support to our residents truly makes an impact.


SEIU Healthcare Union Delivers Donation from Paramount Foods for our Unionized staff

Thank you to Paramount Foods and SEIU Healthcare Union for a delivery from Paramount Foods for our Unionized staff the week of Feb. 15. A special thank you to Greg Dwulit, SEIU Healthcare Member Representative. The delivery was accepted by our dietary staff, Halina Jaros and Joanna Wysocki, as well as Renata Kowalska, our Staff Union Stewart. We appreciate your continued support of our frontline heroes!


20210219 105224  20210219 105231  20210219 105437  20210219 105313  20210219 105508  Paramount Delivery for staff  20210219 110528  20210219 110848ii  20210219 110919i  



Valentine's Cards for our Residents 

Thank you to the many families and community members who delivered Valentine’s Day cards to our residents. The cards were accepted with joy and smiles from our residents, and we appreciate your continued support in brightening their days.


IMG 0006i  IMG 0018i   IMG 0024i  IMG 0865i  IMG 0882i  IMG 0883i  IMG 0884i


Mr. Skubik became the first resident to recieve the COVID-19 vaccine at Copernicus Lodge! Congratulations Mr. Skubik!
celebration balloons 150x150celebrationcelebration balloons 150x150


20210108 105137 2

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        celebration balloons 150x150                     celebration         celebration balloons 150x150                                      

Copernicus Lodge COVID-19 Vaccine Heroes!


Tracey Comeau



Anoop K


Dr Ikizler



Mary Oko


Staff Christmas Greetings

Staff were thanked for their continous hard work and dedication by management and provided with a turkey and bottle of delicious wine.

 20201217 150736  20201217 150742  20201217 150723  20201217 150900  20201217 213148  20201217 150922  20201217 150903  20201217 150930  20201217 150908  20201217 151145  20201217 150947  20201217 151135  20201217 151055  20201217 151136




Aleksandra Kurowska, Chair of the Board of Directors - VIDEO

Tracey Comeau, CEO - VIDEO

Barry McCann, Human Resources Manager - VIDEO

Carmen Miller, Director of Care - VIDEO

Ewa Morelli, Nursing Administrative Assistant - VIDEO

        Roxanne Adams, Administrator - VIDEO

Danuta Gutkowska, Community Programs Manager - VIDEO

Julie Plocki, Community Programs Supervisor - VIDEO

                Halina Jaros, Dietary Services Manager - VIDEO

David O’Dwyer, Environmental Services Manger - VIDEO

Mary Oko, Chair of Family Council - VIDEO


Christmas Cards from Westminster Classical Christian Academy

Thank you to the students and  teachers at Westminster Classical Christian Academy for making beautiful Christmas cards for our residents!  They produced over 200! Wow!  The cards brought smiles to each of our residents and staff.  The staff and residents are so appreciative of them taking the time to do this kind and thoughtful gesture for us here at Copernicus Lodge.

  1111  1313  1414  1515  1616  2020  2121  2222  3333  4444  5555  7777  8888  10101  17171  66666  121212


Farewell Andy Poprawa, Interim CEO of Copernicus Lodge

Last week we said farewell to Andy Poprawa, our Interim CEO. Andy graciously stepped in to lead Copernicus Lodge during our search for our permanent CEO. Thank you so much for your dedication, leadership and support! We know you won’t be far away as you continue to work with our Board, but we appreciate all you have done for the staff, residents, tenants and families of Copernicus Lodge. 

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November's Resident biography of the month. CLICK HERE to view.



This year we celebrated Halloween with a Halloween Parade for our residents. Treats were provided including cookies and word puzzles. Residents voted for best costume. Please CLICK HERE to view this year's Winner of the best Halloween costume.

IMG 0014b  IMG 0016b  IMG 0104  IMG 0105  IMG 0115  IMG 0129  IMG 0138  IMG 0144  IMG 0108  IMG 0021b  IMG 0059b  IMG 0108b  IMG 0214b


Family Council - Coffee & Donuts Treat!

Thank you Family Council for treating our staff to coffee and donuts. We appreciate all of your continued hard work and support!

 PXL 20201009 181043210  PXL 20201009 180323680  PXL 20201009 180302733  PXL 20201009 180637867  PXL 20201009 182952321  PXL 20201009 180646251  PXL 20201009 181001758  PXL 20201009 183031560  PXL 20201009 183010807  PXL 20201009 183030449  PXL 20201009 181011712


 The new resident biography for the month of October. CLICK HERE to view.



In celebration of Residents' Council Week our Residents' Council Chair, Jerzy Nartowski created a special poster:


20200914 135807 2



On September 10th our long-term care residents participated in their first virtual Residents' Council meeting using Zoom. Each RHA was set up with the TV connected to the live stream of the meeting.  In addition, residents were able to ask questions and give feedback with support from staff using ipads and cell phones that were made available at each location.  Overall, the meeting was a success with residents' having the opportunity to connect, receive information and updates and share their questions and feedback.  The next Residents' Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 8th at 2:00 pm.

The Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils (OARC) have organized Resident Forums (meetings) as resource/support for residents in long-term care homes across the province.  These forums allow residents from different homes to connect virtually for peer support & sharing.  They are designed to facilitate inclusion and community while providing reassurance and support from peers who are navigating similar life changes brought on by COVID-19.  They are a place to meet new friends, ask questions, share concerns and successes and stay informed.  The forums are scheduled on a weekly basis - below are the dates and times for upcoming sessions:

Tuesday, September 15th (10:30 am - 11:30 am)

Thursday, September 17th (2:00 pm - 3:00 pm)

Friday, September 25th (10:30 am - 11:15 am)



Thank you to our staff for all you are doing to support and care for our residents, tenants and each other during these difficult, unprecedented and stressful times!

IMG 20200904 082248  IMG 20200903 123630  IMG 20200903 123641  IMG 20200903 123701  IMG 20200903 123731  IMG 20200903 123810  IMG 20200903 124826  IMG 20200903 124903  IMG 20200903 124955  IMG 20200903 125047  IMG 20200903 125047i  IMG 20200903 125102  IMG 20200903 125200  IMG 20200903 125248 

 IMG 20200903 130819  IMG 20200903 134312  IMG 20200903 134322 



CLICK HERE to view the Biography  


COVID-19 E-Card Donation Drive with Creator's Joy


We have successfully completed our COVID-19 E-Card Donation Drive, and we were very fortunate to receive over 150 electronic card submissions from students in our community!


The cards have been sorted into three categories:


1) cards dedicated specifically to frontline workers

2) cards dedicated specifically to senior residents

3) cards with general kind and uplifting messages 




Residents had a lot of fun at this month's feature program "Copernicus Carnival" which included carnival games, fortune telling, popcorn & cotton candy.


 IMG 0700  IMG 0702  IMG 0706  IMG 0727  IMG 0731  IMG 0737  IMG 0740  IMG 0744  IMG 0747  IMG 0749  IMG 0755  IMG 0759  IMG 0763  IMG 0764  IMG 0766  IMG 0770  IMG 0773  IMG 0776  IMG 0780  IMG 0782  IMG 0784  IMG 0788  IMG 0790  IMG 0795  IMG 0798  IMG 0799  IMG 0820  IMG 0832  IMG 0840IMG 0842  IMG 0846  IMG 0849  IMG 0866  IMG 0884  IMG 0890  IMG 0891IMG 0894  IMG 0919  IMG 0933  IMG 0942  IMG 0955  IMG 0960  IMG 0975  IMG 1065IMG 1071  IMG 1074  IMG 1087  IMG 1095  IMG 1104  IMG 1128  IMG 1144  IMG 1178 2  IMG 1202  IMG 1218  IMG 1227  IMG 1278 2  IMG 1282  IMG 1299i






This week we had a very special time with Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, the 29th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and classical music event with Concerts in Care Ontario. The residents had time to enjoy the music, ask questions to the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell and tell her their stories.

 IMG 0594  IMG 0607    IMG 0644  IMG 0619    IMG 0623  IMG 0669  IMG 0604  IMG 0675  IMG 0605  IMG 0678  IMG 0659  IMG 0625  IMG 0610  IMG 0603  IMG 0600    IMG 0633  IMG 0650  IMG 0639  IMG 0640  IMG 0642    IMG 0652  IMG 0653  IMG 0679



The featured program for last month was the Country Western Party. Ten parties were held throughout the month of July. Four of the events were held in the Multipurpose Room and once the indoor visits began, the program was relocated to the ground floor courtyard where the remaining six programs took place. There was a total of over 120 residents who participated in this program throughout July.

IMG 0191  IMG 0201    IMG 0210  IMG 0316  IMG 0420  IMG 0422  IMG 0433  IMG 0460  IMG 0461  IMG 0468 2  IMG 0469  IMG 0476 2  IMG 0486 2  IMG 0502  IMG 0511  IMG 0513  IMG 0532  IMG 0542  IMG 0546  IMG 0548



CLICK HERE to view the Biography  



The Leadership Team at Copernicus Lodge hosted a special breakfast with pancakes, waffles, bacon etc. for residents on one of the floors. Our very own "Chef" and Interim CEO, Andy Poprawa made some very creative pancakes for our residents. Residents said they were very happy to have breakfast outdoors. 

 IMG 0008  IMG 0014  IMG 0025  IMG 0027  IMG 0033  IMG 0035  IMG 0058  IMG 20200721 084724  IMG 0060  IMG 0063  IMG 0070  IMG 0081  IMG 0107  IMG 0092  IMG 0097a  IMG 0124  IMG 0135  IMG 0156  IMG 0162  IMG 0163  IMG 0014a  IMG 0083  IMG 0020  IMG 0090  IMG 0101  IMG 0073  IMG 0049a  IMG 0190  DSC03437  DSC03446   DSC03450  DSC03453    DSC03456  DSC03457



DSC03415    DSC03418   DSC03419    DSC03422    DSC03420    DSC03424



CLICK HERE to view the Biography Series



Earlier this month we began our special painting sessions which were being facilitated by one of our in-house artists, Basia Pasternak. These painting sessions were offered in the ground floor courtyard and in our Family Dining Room. 

20200707 094750    20200707 094756     20200709 104511   20200707 140430     20200709 094345    20200709 114138    20200709 143156    20200707 104402    20200707 120114   20200707 094808    20200710 114403




Last month we had wedding celebrations (mock weddings) in long-term care.  Each resident home area was decorated to look like a wedding reception, staff acted out the role of the bride and groom who arrived in full wedding attire.  There was wedding cake, champagne for a wedding toast, as well as opportunities for reminiscing and dancing.  Residents really enjoyed this program, many came dressed up, shared stories of their own weddings and offered the newlywed couple advice for a successful marriage. 


IMG 1351  IMG 1299  IMG 1355  IMG 1363  IMG 1368  IMG 1374  2  IMG 0157i  IMG 0163i  IMG 0208i  IMG 0282i  IMG 0286i  IMG 0313i  IMG 0337i  IMG 0350i  IMG 0359i  IMG 0367  IMG 0376  IMG 0386  IMG 0388  IMG 1301  IMG 1354  IMG 1382




Last month we also organized a Tim Hortons Restaurant/Café on the 5th floor outside the Activation staff office.   Residents were brought up to the "Tim Horton's café" and placed their order at the kiosk window.   everyone received free coffee or steeped tea and a donut of their choice. Everyone was super excited and had a fantastic time!


IMG 1387    IMG 1399    IMG 1403



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