The Auxiliary Members, specifically: Ludmila Laczek, Wiktoria Sarnacki, Emily Krula and Teresa Glowacki were thanked by Copernicus Lodge Management today for their generous and invaluable time and contribution managing "Aggies" Store during the first four months of the COVID19 Pandemic. Without them there would be no "Aggies" Store. THANK YOU!

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Visit by Honourable Michael Tibollo & Natalia Kusendova, MPP and 400 N95 Masks Donation by the Taiwanese Canadian Association

We had a very special visit from The Honourable Michael Tibollo, with a significant donation of 400 N95 masks from the Director of the Taiwanese Canadian Association, Y-S Columbus Leo and his team. They were joined by Natalia Kusendova, MPP and Ted Opitz, former MPP and retired Armed Forces Lieutenant-Colonel. The distinguished visitors were welcomed warmly by Andy Poprawa, Interim CEO , Roxanne Adams, Administrator, Carmen Miller, Nursing Director of Care and Danuta Gutkowska, Community Program Manager of Copernicus Lodge.


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Donated Shield Masks

Thank you Sarah for donating 100 shield masks! Sarah is wonderful lady who chose to donate to Copernicus Lodge from many other organizations. Here is a big THANK YOU from our Supportive Services Staff (also wearing the masks)!! 


IMG 20200820 105722


Tenant Blueberry & Cake Treat

Last week, our dedicated staff and Supportive Services Team was hard at work preparing and delivering a delicious and fresh blueberry and cake treat to our tenants which was donated by  a wonderful neighbour from our Roncesvalles community.


IMG 20200723 125335       IMG 20200723 125340     IMG 20200723 125352   IMG 20200723 125506   IMG 20200723 125509    IMG 20200723 142324    IMG 20200723 141345    IMG 20200723 142737    IMG 20200723 142845    IMG 20200723 142931    IMG 20200723 141409  IMG 20200723 141417    IMG 20200723 141650    IMG 20200723 141717    IMG 20200723 143226    IMG 20200723 141915    IMG 20200723 142931    IMG 20200723 143226    IMG 20200723 143355    IMG 20200723 143753     IMG 20200723 143819    IMG 20200723 143758


Mrs. Wanda's 100th Birthday Celebration

Last month we celebrated Mrs. Wanda's 100th birthday in her apartment. This celebration was spent with Copernicus Lodge friends, Managers and Staff including, flowers, cake and large smiles. She was presented with a plaque from her Member of Parliament and from Copernicus Lodge commemorating this special occasion.


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