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The Family Council provides a mechanism by which family members, friends, next of kin or Power of Attorneys of our long term care residents may have an organized voice in the decisions affecting the resident’s rights, living conditions and lifestyle while living at Copernicus Lodge.

Family Council provides a forum for family members and friends of Copernicus Lodge’s Long Term Care residents to provide support, share experiences and seek solutions to common concerns.

The Family Council also exists to identify areas needed for improvement and to recommend strategies for advances regarding the care and services that are provided to the long term care residents.


Only Family members, friends, next of kin or power of attorneys of our residents of Copernicus Lodge Long Term Care Home can be members of the Family Council.

Family and Resident Council

Family and Resident Council Meeting minutes are held in a binder in CEO assistant office. Also meeting minutes are posted on the Resident Home Area boards and the Resident and Family Board located in the LINK of the Home. A Resident Council and Family Council board is also located by the elevators on the main floor with upcoming meeting and event information. Copernicus administration is communication to Families through use of Family Council board. Copernicus Foundation all contact info provided to Foundation board.


Additional Council Resources


  Family Council Information Guide


  Family Council Brochure


For more information please see the Family Council board located near the main floor long term care side elevators.


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