Resident & Families

Copernicus Lodge promotes the philosophy of care in its standards and practices that all residents are treated with dignity, respect and courtesy and have a right to know and participate fully in their own care and in the operation of our home. Residents, Tenants and Families have a right to express concerns within our home without the fear of reprisal.  The Lodge views, most seriously, any type of abuse (including reprisal) of a resident, tenant, family, substitute decision-maker, management, staff, volunteer, visitor or any other persons at Copernicus Lodge and maintains a Zero Tolerance for any type of abuse.

We are here to:

  • *Answer any questions or concerns residents or family may have
  • *Empower and engage families and residents in dialogue
  • *Encourage resident/family input to aid staff in problem solving and finding solutions
  • *Provide support to residents and families around issues and concerns at the Lodge and beyond, in the community

To ensure this happens, we provide the following advocacy opportunities for families and residents to participate in the decision-making process at Copernicus Lodge:

  • *Residents' Council Meetings (held quarterly)
  • *Family Council (held quarterly)
  • *Family Drop In Sessions
  • *Food Review Committee (held semi-annually)
  • *Annual Resident/Family Satisfaction Surveys organized by the Total Quality Management Committee.
  • *A suggestion box located at the main entrance. Forms are available at Reception for any complaints or suggestions.
  • *Copernicus Lodge’s formal complaint procedure (posted on the Resident/Family Information board).
  • *Resident Care Conferences for each resident (held six weeks after admission and annually thereafter).
  • *Resident Home Area (RHA) Meetings (held quarterly on each RHA)
  • *Resident Bill of Rights (posted on the Resident/Family Information board)


If after using the above programs, residents/families remain unsatisfied with the outcome of any of their concerns, there is a Ministry of Health hotline that can be called 24 hours a day/7 days a week at: 


Ministry of Health Hotline: 1-866-534-0144



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