Other Medical Services Available

The following are other services that are available to residents of Long Term Care:

 Physiotherapy: A qualified physiotherapist is available 5 times weekly. Specialized equipment is provided to meet the needs of our residents. Our physiotherapist will assess and assist residents and their families in applying for specialized equipment through the Assistive Devices Program.

Dental: The Public Health Department completes an annual Dental Clinic. If further consultation or work is required, a referral is made to a dentist with cost for service being the responsibility of the resident. In addition, Copernicus Lodge utilizes Direct Dentistry which is a full on site mobile dental service which completes regular clinics to the home, as well as emergency on-call visits to our residents.   The mobile dentistry service is a pay for use service and requires consent for treatment. 

Denture Services: Available monthly. While there is no fee for the consultation, the resident is responsible for payment of any future work done by the denturist. Cost for same is discussed with the resident or next of kin prior to commencing work.

Hearing Aid Clinic: Metro Hearing Aid Clinic is available every Monday to conduct a free examination of hearing aids. There is, however, a charge for repairs to the hearing aid. Hearing Tests are arranged as required.

Eye Care Service: This service, called EYE CONTACT, provides a visiting Ophthamologist and Optician to come approximately twice yearly to examine the eyes of the residents on site. While the eye examination is covered by OHIP, the cost of glasses, if required, is the responsibility of the resident or the next of kin. This is discussed with them prior to any work being undertaken.

Psychiatric / Geriatrics: A Polish speaking Psycho-Geriatrician has an office on site and visits residents on a referral basis to assist in dealing with cognitively deteriorating behaviors and other related dementias.

Chiropodist: Monthly visits are made by a Chiropodist for persons needing advanced foot care. The resident is responsible for the cost of this service.

Motion Specialists/Mobility Aids: As a residents condition changes, they may require the use of wheelchairs, walkers, canes etc. Copernicus Lodge has a limited supply of equipment for emergency use only. Should a resident require equipment for longer than 3-4 weeks, Copernicus Lodge will assist residents / families to make contact with our mobility vendor, Motion Specialties. A Motion Specialties representative will assist in arranging for the rental or purchase of the required equipment. The cost for the purchase or rental of such equipment is the sole responsibility of the resident/family/substitute decision maker. The mobility vendor will also assist qualified residents in utilizing the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) which offsets 75% of the cost of new equipment.

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