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Copernicus Lodge is a 228 bed Long Term Care home and is committed to providing the highest quality of care to its seniors. We provide 24 hour nursing and personal care for our residents.



 Nursing care is provided by or under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or a Registered Practical Nurse. All Registered Nursing staff are licensed by the College of Nurses of Ontario. Assistance with activities of daily living (personal care) is provided by Personal Support Workers (PSW’s). Nursing and personal care is overseen by the Director of Care and Assistant Director of Care who are licensed by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Copernicus Lodge utilizes a multidisciplinary team approach in order to develop an individualized personal care approach. Nursing staff complete ongoing assessments and care plans which detail each resident’s individual care needs.

Other on-site services available include physiotherapy, vision, hearing, dental and foot care.

We have an 18-bed transitional Dementia unit for those residents with cognitive impairment. The focus of this unit is to provide a secure and supportive living environment for those frail elderly senior’s with wandering issues, exit-seeking and mild behavioural issues. The residents in this unit are assessed on an ongoing basis. Since this unit is a transitional unit, when a resident no-longer meets the criteria for placement on this unit, they are moved off of this unit to another unit within the home.

At Copernicus Lodge we are proud of the exceptional quality of care provided by our staff. Each member of our nursing staff is chosen based on their competence, professional qualifications, understanding and commitment to the needs of our seniors. We are committed to working with residents and families to create a happy living and work environment and somewhere our residents have “A Place to Call Home”.


Medical Suppliers/Nursing Equipment


Medical supplies and nursing equipment necessary for the care of our residents is provided by the home, including supplies for the prevention or care of skin disorders, continence care products, infection control, and sterile procedures.

Supplies and equipment provided for personal hygiene and grooming include: skin care lotions and powders, shampoos, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, denture cups and cleansers, toilet tissue, facial tissue, hair brushes, combs, razors/shavers, shaving cream, feminine hygiene and incontinence products.





Assistive Devices

Wheelchairs / Walkers and Assistive Devices

We also provide equipment for the general use of residents such as toilet aids and other self-help aids for activities of daily living.

Should any resident not wish to use the supplies provided for by the home, he/she has the option to purchase their own products.

Equipment for the general use of residents, including wheelchairs, geriatric chairs, canes and walkers are provided for short term use only (maximum 3 – 4 weeks).  Should a resident require equipment for longer than 3-4 weeks, the resident/family/substitute decision maker will be required to purchase and cover all costs for such items.



Attending Physicians

All residents have the option to choose their own Attending Physician, outside of those physicians currently servicing Copernicus Lodge, provided that

he/she agrees to attend the resident at the home on a weekly basis and abide by Copernicus Lodge policies and procedures.

All Attending Physicians who are given privileges to provide medical care to residents in the home are licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.  They are appointed by the Executive Director, on the advice of the Medical Director and must  have a contract with Copernicus Lodge.

Attending Physicians are accountable to the Medical Director for meeting the homes policies and standards of medical care. Attending Physicians assess, plan, implement and evaluate their residents' medical care and participate in a multi-disciplinary approach to care.

Attending Physicians document in the resident health record on each visit, to maintain continuity and ongoing evaluation.

Attending Physicians arrange for 24-hour medical coverage for residents for whom they provide medical care.  All Attending Physicians who are given privileges to provide medical care to residents in the home are licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Residents and family members should be aware that the primary contact for medical care or medical concerns is the Registered Nursing staff.  Attending Physicians do not have offices within the home and are not in the facility each day.  Attending Physicians complete regular visits to their residents and on an as needed basis.

 Copernicus Lodge abides by Privacy Legislation and as such, health information about a resident can only be provided to a residents Power of Attorney for Care (POA). 


Copernicus Lodge utilizes a local pharmacy for all of its medication/pharmaceutical requirements.   At no time should residents or families bring in medications not approved by the medical /nursing staff.  Medications are not to be left in resident rooms.

The Pharmacy provides:

  • Prescription pharmaceutical preparations listed in the Drug Benefit Formulary. 
  • Special preparations or medical devices which may be obtained from the Ontario Drug Benefit Program as interim non-formulary benefits.

Non-prescription drugs, medication and treatment products, and supplies are obtained through the Ontario Government Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Services upon requisition.



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